Technology is the future of our generation. We need to empower technology to empower our future. And education is the best way to do it. As a senior high school students we are taught about technology through our subject Empowerment Technology.

As a learner I have learned a lot about this subject and I can also use them in my everyday life as a part of millennials. Empowerment technology showcases the important factors of technology that we need to learn. We should not use it technology for just in entertainment purposes. We should also use it as an instrument in learning. Some of the things that I have learned in empowerment technology were about how to manage online safety and security. We are taught about the risk on the internet that might affect your own safety, but we are also taught on how to avoid them by being responsible and aware.

In our generation and as a 21st century learner I also encountered  an internet security threats. Before, I don’t know what do about it and i just let my files to be corrupted and infected with some types of malicious software, but when I encountered these subject it became ny eye opener and it makes my brain more interested about it. When our teacher taught us about the internet threats and how to avoid and get rid of them it makes me feel safer using the internet right now.

Empowerment technology was such an interesting subject in school because it was so timely and it really suits to my generation. As a learner I still hope that the teachers in empowerment technology will teach us some hands on job on the internet and less discussion because in my observation the empowerment technology was a a kind of subject were you don’t have to listen to each discussion. It only needs to be a hands on activities. Even though discussion was the usual ways of teacher in teaching it can still cope up with the lessons that she taught. But we also had some hands on activities.just like creating a PowerPoint presentation about our self and also creating a blog sites about our chosen articles. I know its hard but it is a part of being a student. I am also thankful that I was given given a chance to create this kind of things on the internet because it helps me discover some features of the internet that I don’t know. Right now I was keeping this knowledge because I know that kin the future there will be another activities in school just like that or even better and harder than that. Based on my experience I realize that empowerment technology not just help us learn about the present technology but it also teaches us how to discover new things in this new world. It makes us more responsible, hardworking, patient, creative, and aware about our action on the internet and even on our personal lives.


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